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WELCOME TO www.pi2-fgolf.com



The website provides a unique 'fun and fair' way to assess 9/18 hole rounds of social golf between family and friends

The pi2-f website (pronounced pie squared f) is based on the registered copyright concept J pi2-f Bm©.


Most weekends young Aimee enjoys 9-holes of golf with Mum and Dad on a 9-hole, par 3, municipal pitch-and-putt course. In the evening they enter their scorecards into the www.pi2-fgolf.com website in order to enjoy a family competition comparing not only their own pi2-f© assessments but also those of:

  • her brother Pierre who is on a golfing holiday in Florida;
  • her cousin Jacques who plays on a par 72 private golf course at a military base in France;
  • her uncle Etienne, a professional golfer who is currently playing worldwide on the PGA Tour.

Instead of assessing rounds in the usual manner of strokes taken or Stableford points, the pi2-f concept© is designed to reflect your own gut-feeling assessment' at the end of each round you play (i.e. was it better or worse than usual).

The website does this by uniquely assessing and then quantifying your round against details of the course played and yourself. As your gross scores are never being compared with those of anyone else when making this assessment your handicap details are not required.

The unique and original algorithm© on which this website is based is structured with 'event-driven architecture' so that when a new scorecard is entered it immediately updates its assessment of your round. If used regularly, the website will quickly become both 'Intuitive' and 'Dynamic'.

To facilitate this assessment the website only requires full and accurate details of the course played and your own Gross Scores per hole (though the pi2-f assessments © are not an average of these nor of any accumulated stableford points).

Once you receive your unique pi2-fgolf© assessment/result you can use it to enjoy 'fun and fair' competitions with your family and friends anywhere in the world irrespective of their playing standard. All that participants require is a reliable internet connection, legitimate access to this website, a personal email account and of course their own pi2-f assessments ©.

  • In keeping with normal golfing practice scorecards should (where possible) be countersigned by another player as being authentic before being entered into the pi2-f system.
  • You must keep your scorecard in the usual manner (including the recording of official handicaps and stableford points if applicable) obeying all R&A, Regional Association and local rules, submitting your scorecard for all competitions as required. Nor is it intended to interfere in any way with CONGU or any other official handicapping system which needs to be applied as usual. The pi2-f system is purely an additional way of enjoying your usual round of golf.

Currently, anyone registering can benefit from a free 100-day trial period. This will provide ample opportunity to decide from first-hand experience whether the website actually does provide good value-for-money fun.

Please note:

  1. The website can only function if full details of the course being played have already been entered by an official of that club and is live on the system.
  2. Your User Area Scorecard Tab must contain Gross Scores from three recent rounds before the system can start assessing the data and providing your first unique pi2-f result©.
  3. The website can only assess rounds of golf played over 9 or 18 holes.

All golf courses stored in the system are registered with an 18-hole index to facilitate this even if only 5 holes physically exist.

If the essential course details are not already in the system the website provides a means whereby you can recommend a club to be contacted. Club Officials will then be invited to register for free enabling them to submit their course(s) details for you. You could also contact an official at the club yourself, make them aware of this website and politely ask them to register on your behalf.